Hi, I’m Valerie and I love changing lives through fitness. I’m a personal trainer, food coach and body transformer, but my clients just call me the body whisperer. Give me a goal and a deadline and I can help you get there. My style is very effective without being overly restrictive and extreme. I will lovingly hold your feet to the fire while also showing you that making a change doesn’t have to be so hard!

Having worked with Hollywood’s hottest talent for the past 20 years, I know how to produce results fast, but I also know how to make it sustainable. I will make sure you work hard enough to get results, but not so hard that you want to quit! Remember, there is no such thing as maintenance because a healthy lifestyle is a lifestyle choice you make for life!

When I’m not training clients (or myself!) I love to bury myself in a good book, get outside to hike, surf, run stairs or just see the sun, go to the movies and get lots of snuggles from my dogs Cody and Lexi who bring me endless joy. I also LOVE sharing on my new favorite finds or things of inspiration on Instagram.


My Motto is: “You’re are one workout away from a good mood”.

My Life Code is: Be nice. It matters.

My Favorite Foods: Breakfast burritos and movie popcorn

My favorite foods when asked by a fitness magazine: Baked salmon and green smoothies

My Favorite two exercises: Valslide Reverse Lunge and the Valslide Bodysaw

My Favorite Movies: Crazy Stupid Love and Blue Crush

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