Two things get me out of bed – coffee and Valerie Waters.  My “sunrise sister” and I have started pretty much every day together for the last 15 years, and even after all this time, she’s the boss and I do exactly as she says. There is no better coach and there is no better workout. I find girlfriend time is the most regenerative thing, and with Val I not only get an amazing workout, but a restorative chat along  the way. Her motto is  “I’m one workout away from a good mood.” With a mantra like that,there’s no other way I’d welcome the day!

~ Jennifer Garner

How do I even begin listing all Valerie has done for me?! I feel like a new woman! I’ve tried a lot of different workouts in my life and Valerie’s is the first one that has made me feel so strong and fit. For the last few years I’ve had a lot of health issues that have kept me from losing the extra weight. Even though I had that challenge, I decided I still wanted to get into shape and use Valerie’s workouts to do it. I’ve been following the Personal Body Assessment she gave me for a few months now and I may have only lost a few pounds BUT I lost 14 inches and I feel stronger than I ever have in my life! The number on the scale hasn’t changed much but I can fit in things I can usually only wear when I was 10-15 lbs lighter. She has changed my body and the cool thing I’ve learned is, people don’t see the number on the scale, but I know they see the inches lost!  Plus her wisdom and advice makes me feel like I have someone who really cares helping me on my journey to achieving my dream body! I haven’t reached my goals yet, but I know with Valerie I will achieve them soon! 

~ Lauren Barlow

I believe that an un-made bed is a sexy bed. I believe that without struggle there can be no progress. I believe in fairy tales. I believe in in gummy bears for breakfast, i believe in jelly beans. I believe in moderation, IN MODERATION. I believe in karma, I believe in believing. I believe that Valerie Waters and Valslide made my butt an ELEVEN!

~ Poppy Montgomery

Valerie Waters has been my trainer for over a decade. We met in 2004 while I was filming "Alias". I've relied on her to keep me in shape ever since. She is responsible for my body in "G.I. Joe". She says "You're only one workout away from a good mood!" and she's always right. I've worked with Valerie for over a decade. I consider her a dear friend...and total butt-kicker. She understands fitness. She caters her workouts to different bodies. And she knows what's best for each of her clients. My body wouldn't the way it is without her help. Thank you, Valerie!" But things change; now I'm married! So, that husband ALSO gets great workouts from Valerie! She can do it all: provide a great workout to every client, regardless of whether they're male or female, looking to lose weight or bulk-up and that's why we love her. We can't say enough good things about her personality, fitness psychology and signature workouts...

~ Rachel Nichols-Kershaw

I have never worked out with a female trainer and never will again because I've met Valerie. She gives me a better workout than any trainer I've ever worked with. She makes us (Rachel and me) sore, but in a good way, and we always come back for more. I've always had issues with my back, but Valerie always modifies her workouts to cater to my needs.

~ Michael Kershaw

Valerie changed the way I look at working out. She helped me to focus on doing exercises that truly work to strengthen and tone my entire body. She helped me to understand how to do those exercises in anywhere from 20 minutes to one hour every day, depending on where a I am and how much time I have. And I am thrilled that she's been able to get all those amazing techniques and secrets into her book RED CARPET READY.  The book is so simple to navigate and small enough to take traveling. It's my little Valerie away from home. I feel like I have my own personal workout regimen all layed out for me already. It's fantastic and a must have!

~ Sasha Alexander

Val is one of the best trainers in the LA, which probably makes her one of the best trainers in the world. She's hands down the best best - funny, kind, thorough, meticulous. She tailors each of my workouts to match my exact needs, paying attention to my form and even working around any injuries. Each workout is totally specific and personalized to me. I can't recommend her highly enough.

~ Sonya Walger

When I was feeling unhappy with my fitness level, Valerie suggested that what I truly desired was to feel like an athlete - one that was strong and able to conquer physical challenges. I had never considered myself remotely athletic, but Valerie, while always kind, was quite certain and confident in her advice. So, working with her theory, I decided to pick up a tennis racquet to see if I could learn to play a sport that I hadn't tried since my early teens. As she suspected, I was in love from my first lesson. I am so grateful to Valerie for discovering something about me that I could not see myself. Without her, I would not have discovered how much I love being on the tennis court and that hitting a few balls is truly my "one workout away from a good mood".

~ Lauren Flatow

"Valerie Waters is the best trainer! She is an amazing combination of compassionate and challenging.  She makes strong connections with her clients because she sincerely cares and she is an intuitive Listener. Valerie has the uncanny ability to assess exactly what each person needs, and she meets you right where you are. She knew just how to zero in on the issues that most tripped me up, and then challenged me to change. And she challenges in the most encouraging way.   Valerie is very smart - about the body and muscles, and how exercises need to be tailored individually.  And she is so creative in how she puts together her signature circuit workouts.  They are a genius blend of cardio and strength; the mix of exercises and pace and sequencing is so innovative and deceptively challenging.  Valerie’s workouts have a wide variety of exercises that hit many muscles in different planes - and the combination of workouts each week is very comprehensive.  Over the last year I’ve done her circuit workouts three times a week and I’m fitter now than I’ve ever been in my life.  I’m Red Carpet Ready because of Valerie Waters’ extraordinary coaching!"

~ Tracy Scott

Working with Valerie is AWESOME!!! As a fitness professional, I find it is easy to focus on helping my clients with their fitness. What is not always easy is staying focused on my own. Recognizing that I needed help to achieve my personal fitness goals I decided to work with Valerie and join her Red Carpet Ready® coaching program. What I love about working with Valerie is that she really cares about you and is extremely supportive. She shares a lot of her own experience with you to help you understand how to get through sticking points and not give up. In less than 4 weeks of the RCR program I started to fit better into my clothes and became more energetic. More importantly, I was able to regain my focus, my strength (both physically & mentally), and set myself back on track towards my goals. I’m looking forward to continuing to work with Valerie on my new goals!

~ Jannette La Sota

I feel very lucky to not only know Valerie as a very successful and humble colleague in the health and fitness industry, but forever grateful for a beautiful friendship with Valerie. She transpires LOVE and PASSION for proper knowledge and technique while supporting her clients in achieving their health and fitness goals. She is a leader in the industry with her authentic voice and innovative products. All my clients in our group program use the Valslides and see great results that are safe and so much FUN!  You will never regret working with Valerie, she's one of a kind! She is surrounded by an amazing community of women who have all been completely touched by her style of training! Grateful to have been introduced to the many women who have been on their journey with her for 10+years! Her RCR girls are immediate girlfriends! Not including the many celebs she's helps to achieve greatness before they film blockbuster movies!  Love you Val and grateful to have you in my life!

~ Tessa Hollyn Taub

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