Hello Beautiful! I’m so happy you are here! Getting in shape takes work for sure but it doesn’t have to be as hard or as scary as you think. I got you. And I’ve been doing this for more than 20 years. I can help you transform. I will lovingly hold your feet to the fire and I will be with you the whole way.

I specialize in actors that need to be red carpet ready in 6 weeks or less. I know what to do when the stakes are high. I know what to do with you too. I’ve worked with clients who have tight schedules, busy lives, not enough sleep, sick kids, demanding social engagements and they have to be filmed naked, 3 weeks from now! Trust me, I can help you too. You can train with me in person (schedule permitted) or you can book a Skype consultation or join one of my online bootcamps. What I teach will be the same, the difference is if you need me with you.

I create programs that get results. You have probably seen my results on screen or in the magazines. You can follow my programs and get the same results but my coaching teaches you the strategies behind the results. My belief is “strategy trumps willpower”, and I have a strategy for everything that is holding you back.


If you need to work on form and see how hard you can work, you should schedule private sessions with me. You can email me at hello@valerierwaters.com for available times.

If you want to talk about your food or overall strategy and what is tripping you up, I recommend a Skype session or two or three. This way we can dive into why you are not where you want to be.

If you need better workouts, strategies and accountability then for sure, your best value is my online bootcamps! You get me as your coach but it’s much more affordable! Check dates on the website or sign up for my email list.

If you just want a great workout system to follow, choose anyone of my programs;

I want my bikini body. Hot in a Hurry. Red Carpet Ready.

Fitness is my passion and helping you love it and make it a lifestyle, is my specialty!

I will help you transform, one rep at a time!


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